Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The New Look of the M.A.C. Forums

I haven't updated for a while since DonC and I were working on the MAC Forums, tweaking it here and there, then we decided to convert it from the InvisionFree to the Zetaboards engine/format.  The new format takes little getting used to, but has more nifty features and is more user friendly.  We had to sacrfice the Topic Subscription option though, since ZBoards saw that people were abusing it and was slowing the system down with all the subscriptions. 

Maybe we'll get that later when we upgrade.

The Forum now has  additional sections, like the MAC Features where we will have weekly features of anything Gunpla, whether it be a kit, a technique, a modeler or whathaveyou, and a section dedicated to Gunpla Bloggers.

The Forum is skills and techniques driven, and focuses more on the Hobby itself.  No technique is too old, too new, or too personal.  If it's applicable to Gunpla or modeling in general, we will have it.

I'm still working on the Angelus.  I feel there's no use posting another update for since since I'm just basically doing the armor engravings, which pretty much looks the same if one thinks about it.  The engraving takes time mainly because it is quite painful to do at smaller details and more curvy details, and I would want to avoid too many scratches if I can.

The thing is, there is a much bigger picture with regards to the Angelus build.

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