The Angelus Emblem

Resting my hands for a while from all the engraving and after a 24-hour power outage from that nasty storm.  I actually started creating this line art yesterday before the storm started, and with my mouse malfunctioning, it gave me about the same amount of pain as I would during engraving.

The line art will allow me to experiment with color schemes for the Angelus as well as design the engravings. 

Looks pretty nice as is.  I've also redesigned the emblem, this from a year ago when the Wings were still in the planning stage and this was still called the Impaler X.


The line art is almost done with preliminary color ideas. 


  1. very nice idea sir MatX. A good very good looking WIP you got there. ;D

  2. you rank went up high again in just span of 2 weeks, last week you were around 4.M now your rank is 3.33 million, just sad to see that you have only small spaces for google ads. More power sir! and congrats!


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