Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Angelus Binary Blade

The Angelus won't be complete without its own custom built weapon, so I made one for it from scratch (well, not entirely from scratch, since I modified one of the beam saber hilts as THE hilt for the custom scratch built blade).  I was going to build a scythe cum spear for the original Impaler X, but decided on a sword for the Angelus.

I did an online search for reference blades and swords, and here are a few of the interesting ones:

From Wolf Demon Valenor's Photobucket album:

The fifth one looked appropriate enough with the feathery trimmings and all, but this was the one that caught my eye:

which I got from Hans Rodger's Photobucket album.  This image have appeared on several websites, so I'm simply crediting where I got this from.

I decided to reference the Angelus Blade from the dual blade.  Of course, by referencing, I'd still be making one of my own design.

I cut the basic blade shapes from sandwiched 1.0mm plaplates (for sturdiness) and modified the beam saber hilt to fit an attachment for the sword guard (which was later re-modified since the first mod failed miserably and broke easily).  I made the blades from recycled pieces of plaplates that I initially cut for the wings (I had a few trials and errors).

The blades are then sandwiched between two pieces of shaped plaplates and are later reinforced with more plaplates on the wing part of the guard, locking the blades in.  The hilt is lengthened with 2mm square beams.  I used extra square beams to form the "butt" of the sword.

The Angelus Binary Blade prefit.  I've added a 3mm beam a slight distance from the sword guard to give the blades stability and to remove stress on the blades' base.

The blades are "sharpened" simply with my handy-dandy file.  To keep the sharpened edge line consistent, I used a blunt knife to score a parallel line a short distance from the edge.

Weight stability test with the Angelus.

If time (or my patience) allows it, I might make another blade.


  1. That blade looks incredible. Great idea to score the line to keep the edge consistent for sharpening.

  2. Thanks man! It was one of my Duh! moments. I have been getting a few of those lately while building the Angelus.

  3. Question: What are you going to be doing with the other beam saber hilt? If you're nothing, might I offer a suggestion? Glue it to the other one, so you have a place to put each hand when holding it in both (as it looks like the hilt you made out of plaplate is long enough). Just a thought :)

    I check your blog very often for updates on this project; am LOVING it! I'm a big fan of the Witchblade/Darkness/Angelus trinity of comics, so this project has definitely caught my attention.

  4. I have plans for the other beam saber hilt. I can always add a holding notch somewhere, as I have scratch built entire weapons (like the JinX's Double Bolo). Part of the reason why I chose to go with a sword instead of a spear/staff/scythe is because of the Trinity series. I wouldn't want the weapon too be similar since I always go for uniqueness as well even if I do get ideas here and there. When I get an idea, I develop it to the point I can call it mine own.

    Thanks for your regular visits. Your support and encouragement actually enables me to develop more ideas.

  5. Impressive! Love the weapon design. Keep it up, buddy! :)

  6. Oh I recognize the art... the designs belong to Wen-M of DeviantArt. He works for Anima Studios.

  7. what thickness of pla-plate is best for making weapons?

  8. Thickness would depend on scale and size of the weapon itself. Conventionally, 1mm should be okay for 1/144 scale, while 2mm for 1/100 scale.


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