Friday, June 11, 2010

The Scarlet JinX WIP Part VII

A quickie update:

Here's another example of why I love using Flat Black.  Flat black dries semi-smooth and can serve both as primer and base coat (which makes it perfect for frame jobs, pun intended).  This is the rear skirt frame of the Jinx, painted with Flat Black, then later "carbonized" with Kosutte using cotton buds as applicators. 

The Arm Frames, assembled, painted and carbonized.

A smorgasbord of armor parts, painted with Nickel-Alloy.  Some will be painted with Honda Red later on.

The assembled lower body frame.  I painted and carbonized most of the frame except the pegs and connectors for easier assembly.

The Modified GN Tau Drive.  Although there was an option to purchase red LED modules, I opted to make my own (it's fairly easy in my case).  I've made casings using plaplates that fit into the stock drive like a charm, making it possible for me to assemble disassemble the drive easily during wiring and testing.  I used A combination of Wave and Koto Springs for a neat solderless wiring.

Unlike the MG Exia's Drive cone which has a chrome-plated core, the GN Tau Drive's core is an unplated core, and its construction blocks of most of the light when assembled, dimming the light in the process.  I got an OC attack during final assembly and figured out a way to make the light shine brighter without modifying too much of the drive.  The solution was simple:  I used a piece of Tamiya Holographic sticker as a reflector on the Drive core and cone assembly.  This increased the brightness by about a hundred per cent.

That's it for now.


  1. nice colors!

    but what exactly do you do when you "carbonize" ?

  2. It's just as I described; flat black, then rub Kosutte Gin San on the flat black (you can try crushed HB or softer pencil leads).


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