Friday, June 25, 2010

More Plates and Sandwiches (of the Plastic Variety)

For this particular part, I used one of my Tamiya 4WD option parts (this one being an aluminum bumper extension) as a template.  I used double-sided tape to secure it onto 1mm plaplate, then cut it out with scissors and trimmed to shape with my side cutter.  I was making 4 two-piece sandwiches so I cemented the first cut shape onto the plaplate, cut that out, secured that with tape, and repeated the process a few more times.

This method allows me to shape, file and drill holes onto the parts making them as similar as possible, with the tape holding the parts together quite firmly and wouldn't really budge at times unless I pry the sections apart with a blunt knife.

And VOILA!  By now, the build is "taking shape," and one guy at MAC Online actually guessed what this thingamajig is. 


  1. hey that was a side bumper extension of a mini 4wd! :D

  2. Yes, I did mention that in my post, didn't I?


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