Gundam Qan [T] MatX Pseudo Version Part VII

Feet update.  Took a while to finish the other foot, but this one gave me a chance to show how I "Rippered" the Exia's foot to fit the mods and make it similar to the 00's foot.

Well, not really a step by step process, but, you get the idea.

The Groin Armor.  It was a bit strange that most have seen something I haven't, like what that slit on the groin is suppose to be.  Anyways, I heavily modified the Exia's groin and built the Q[T]'s groin over it.

Test fit.  I realized the fit is a bit wider than I liked (basing it on the lineart as well) so I waved my wand, cited a few magic words while watching Wolverine and the Xmen,

and VOILA!

Much better.  I've also adjusted the the chest protrusions so they're closer to the chest.


  1. I really like how this is coming along mate, Keep it up.


  2. I love the pure white colour scheme the pla-plates provide. I think the Qan-T would look awesome in a pure white paint job.
    Also, what about a waist joint, is it too much work?

  3. Not really too much work as having to work around on the modifications. This project is on hold, pending the arrival of the HG Q[T].

  4. How many pla plate's thickness did u use? Which thickness are mostly applied?

    I'm thinking of buying some of these pla plates soon, so I'd appreciate your recommendation on the thickness.


  5. I use 1.0mm for the main components whether armor or support plates, and 0.5mm for armor detailing. You will be able to gauge the thickness of the plates by looking at the pictures.

  6. May I know the special tool that u use to cut the foot?


  7. i used Hasegawa etching saws. These are thin saws that with little material loss.


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