Monday, May 3, 2010

Gundam Qan [T] MatX Pseudo Version Part VI

The Rear Skirt Armor mod.  This is a rather another straightforward mod of the rear skirt.  I used the Exia's stock skirt, did some "plastic" surgery so to speak to simulate the Q's skirt based on the line art.  I maintained some features of the Exia's skirt and added a bit of detailing not in the lineart.  I used multiple pieces of plaplates to build up the modification laterally.  This method is easier for extending or bulking up parts that are static or otherwise do not have mobility issues.

Feet mod.  Comparing the 00 and Exia's feet, the Exia wins again in terms of detail and articulation and design.  I would have thought the 00 should have had bigger feet and thicker legs owing the fact that it does have the twin GN drives as well as the 0-Raiser, so it would have been practical to give the 00 more bulk in that regard.

The picture below shows the 00's foot (this one was pre-modified for an earlier, failed build), the Exia's foot, and the Modified foot.

Again, I've decided to do a "bit" of surgery and combined the Exia's foot with the 00's ankle.  I've modified the Exia's foot to follow the 00's basic foot shape by cutting certain sections and rebuilding with plaplates.

I've cut the Exia's main ankle to fit the 00's circular ankle assembly (which to me, is also a bit silly design-wise).  I've used pipes as hinges and cemented them directly to the Exia's ankle to the refit.

With this modification I was able to give the Qan[T] an articulated foot,

and also allowed subtle pivot when the foot is on "tippytoe."


  1. ok thats an awesome great mod on foot's mobility! as expected from you =D

  2. Galing ng mod!!! sana makagawa ako ng ganito, kaso lang... taga zamboanga ako, wala pa SM dito at wala rin nagabenta ng BANDAI 00 kits... kaya maghihintay ako para next year para makabili ako ng 00 at bagong exia...

    BTW: may Facebook ka ba?


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