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Demystifying Bosny Spray Cans

With the intent of going full AB, dropping if not minimizing my use of Bosny spray cans, I got an Airbrush + compressor set from a friend who decided to sell his unused set a couple of years ago (he was leaving to work abroad back then).  So far, I haven't been able to use the the darned thing since I really don't paint that much.  I don't even paint the kits I have modified, lest I really have to, and that I suppose is one of my many faults as a Gunpla "modeler," making it seem that I don't finish anything.

Accessibility and Practicality

Bosny spray cans are easily accessible.  Hardware stores all around carry them, and they are rather cheap for one-off paint projects.  They are handy, as such, you can't really run out of it if you have enough stocks on-hand, so you won't have to leave a project hanging.  Of course a little planning is always involved in the process even with AB painting, making sure you have enough stock of whichever color of whiche…

A "lighter" shade of black...

I hardly post anything blogwise nowadays, and if you're familiar with the previous "I am poor so I buy bootlegs" phenomenon, I still get mild and violent reactions from anonymous morons (yes, I deliberately call them lowlifes <morons> because they can't seem to get the fact that justifying bootlegs is WRONG in so many ways that it affects others in the hobby.  If it's "just a hobby," you wouldn't feel too guilty about it which makes you run amuck in defense of bootlegs since you can't afford the real thing) that my traffic actually stays around average even without regular posts, thanks to a post at GetReal.

I've been working like "mad" to finish the Hellraiser, the progress of which I simply post as individual albums at my Hobby Stuff page on Facebook.  I simply don't want to "waste" so much time individually processing step-by-step photos since I also have the "day job" to worry about.

A lighter shad…

And a weasel pops...

I know it's been a while since I posted anything WIP related, since I have been swamped with work-related stuff, seminars and workshops of late, those of which were not really in my schedule.  It has also been a while since my last post, and I have had several comments spread over those two posts, mostly anonymous ones.

Like I mentioned a few times over several posts, I don't normally allow STUPID comments from anonymous COWARDS, but since this COWARD posted his name (I doubt it's really him), and later a facebook link, why not make it into a POST instead?

Here's a screen shot of his posts.  On different dates.  It could be just him, or multiples of him. because that's just how trolls operate.

Let's break it down.

"So i suppose you DONT BUY OR DOWNLOAD any kind of pirated PROGRAMS (games, utilities, etc.)"

No, I don't. As an Adobe Certified Expert and an Instructor of Adobe software, I've signed an agreement to not promote software piracy of…

A word from Katsumi Kawaguchi

First of all, if you don't know who Master Katsumi Kawaguchi is, maybe it's time that you do.  He works at Bandai's Hobby department, demonstrating how to build Gundams for the longest time, and serves as Bandai's spokesperson regarding everything Gunpla over the years.

In case you're wondering where I got the "idea" that the terms "Gundam" and "Gunpla" are Bandai copyright, it's simple research (and common sense, which A LOT of people lack nowadays).  Regardless, a lot of people (who buy bootlegs) doubt this, and despite bootlegs are no longer being labeled "Gundams" by the bootleggers, people continue calling them as "Gunpla."

On my previous post, I added a post he made on Facebook, verbatim.

I say clearly.
I do not have approved of a friend who has been posting pirated model kit on FB.
Model kit does not have the name "B…

An Objective Review of the Dragon Momoko Tallgeese II

Note:  If you want to comment, identify yourself, with a LINK to your email when you comment, instead of posting as anonymous.  I do not allow anonymous comments (and I do track comments), even those who commend, praise, or worship me, let alone IDIOTIC uninformed comments from CHEAPSKATE and cowardly bootleg lovers who simply don't know what OBJECTIVE means.


Ever since the Dragon Momoko (DM) Tallgeese III (along with I and II) was announced, people have been raving about how good it looks, how DM did a number on Bandai by releasing a III before it did, and that the DM TG III is an "original" (more about that later). This review will cover the comparison between the Bandai and DM TG II, on the technical aspect, to keep it as objective as possible, since there is no Bandai MG TGIII to compare with DM's.  I, for one was impressed with the early images of the TG III, and was looking forward to it.

First off, a review about copyright and copyright…