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The Hellraiser Part VII

Breaking a Leg

The phrase "break a leg" actually means "good luck" in stage plays, and is often said to actors about to go on stage on opening night. I theater, as far as acting superstitions are concerned, wishing someone good luck is actually bad luck. In some circles, it could actually mean giving an exceedingly lively and exhaustive performance, to the point of "breaking a leg" in the process.

Similarly, or at least, I'd like to think so, I have still not shed my need to make things complicated, or think of complicated things first, in lieu of its simple counterparts, to the point of breaking some things in the process. It has considerably lessened to the point that, as far as the build time is concerned, I have actually been able to do a lot more work all around unlike before. With this update, I'm about a couple away from catching up and synching my progress.

All "Thigh-ed" Up

Much of the flaws I've encountered…


The 1st PINOYKON is a Pinoy Komiks, Toy Collection, Gaming and Cosplay Event and will feature various artists and talents in the local (and international) comic book scene, most notably, Gerry Alanguilan of WASTED and ELMER fame.  I myself was once a comic book collector, collecting the usual Marvel and DC superhero comics, but I was also one of the founding members of Alamat.  Back then, I was part of a group that promoted the use of computers and digital imaging to render, color, letter and layout comic book pages, and have written and drawn a few pages, most of which are in Alamat's flagship comic book (flagship, having been the FIRST one to come out with the Alamat insignia) P-NOISE back-to-back with INDIGO VALLEY.

I would like to believe that I, as part of that group, helped contribute even if just a little bit, in our comic book culture, even if there were certain elements that do not want to put our small contribution in the history of Pinoy Komiks.

I've "met"…

The Hellraiser Part VI

Waist in Haste

Well, this wasn't really done in haste, I just didn't have a "kewler" catch phrase to put. Anyways, at this point, I had to keep the torso and waist frames assembled, mainly because It takes time just to unscrew, disassemble and reassemble the darned thing while I was making modifications overall. It kinda limits my movements, but that's easier to work around than having to unscrew parts and them dropping by accident. I've sometimes spent 30 minutes or more searching for a very small screw, which lead me to another time saving idea.

But I digress. My story WIP is playing catch up to my actual progress and I will try to have the two in synch within the next few days or so.

The Front

I have tried to use much of the stock parts and simply modify them mainly because of their connectivity to the frame. I started by modifying the groin guard to make it look as similar as possible to the MG DSH's.

I'll be putting a clear part …