Have Contest, Will Join!

To end my blogpost slump, here's to all you Gunplanatics out there.  We have two community contests, one international and one local, to fill whatever void that was left in you in the previous month or so.

First off, from Italy's Gundam Dipendente.

English Rules HERE.

And locally, we have Gundam Philippines' GPH Builders Challenge.  You can click on the links for rules and stuff.

While were on the subject of competitions, and if I haven't mentioned it enough (in my previous post for that matter), when joining competitions, be a good sport.  The first person you should always best is yourself on your previous build, and who knows, you might be able to best someone else.  I know it's not as simple to do self-assessment; we've all had that moment, or moments, that we felt we were the best, and though that might well be true, competitions are as unpredictable as the judges decisions are.

What are you waiting for?  Get your head out of the gutter and join up.  NOW!  Also, aside from these two competitions, I'm privy to another one, a big one I suppose, being cooked up as of this posting and will be announced very soonWatch out for it!


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