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"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part V

I haven't been able to touch Gunpla, literally, for two weeks since I got "swamped" with work and had a 3-day on-site seminar that left me a bit drained, even I has a little time to do work on Gunpla. I felt sleepy all the time and sometimes fall asleep in the middle of typing something (I often joke I could do things in my sleep).

Before I took that two-week break to reality, I did manage to do a very simply modification to one of the Marasai's "open hand" manipulators. I find strange that Bandai included a set of manipulators jointed at two places where the only real pose you can do with it is open-hand. I would have been satisfied if they included a pair of solid open-hand manipulators, a pair of closed-fist, and the usual v2.0 manipulators like what is included with the Zaku/Sinanju. I really don't find any logic in this.

More so, it was how the thumb digit was positioned that left me at awe. It's positioned pointing down and …

Commissions, Rainy Days and Everything in Between

Commissions.  The next step in the evolutionary process of modeling, where one gets compensated for working on something one loves to do.

Even though I have had a few inquiries before, I haven't really done or have accepted commissions because at the time, circumstances prevented me from doing so.  I've had inquiries where I am asked to do repair work, but it was simple enough, I just told the one inquiring on how to fix it himself.  There were also at least major build commissions that came to my doorstep, but I had projects back then, both Gunpla and otherwise, so I wasn't able to do make a commitment.  There were also hints by people if I wanted to sell my previous builds, but all I can tell them was, "I'll think about it" and never followed through.

Raining Hell.  It was a rainy day.  Someone from Gundam Philippines, a local group of modelers and collectors, issued a challenge that was right up my alley and was too hard for me to resist.  The Challenge?  C…

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part IV

I did say on my previous update that I'll be working on a couple of projects first, but I was able to move them back a day, as such allowed me to work on some additional primary modifications.

I guess I can really work "fast" now because I've eliminated most of the guess work and analysis when I do modifications. Previously, it took me days to think of what to do, but since I've learned from my mistakes, and considering this build has far fewer mechanical and complicated modifications to figure out, with the addition of simplifying most of the stuff I did previously, I could work relatively faster.

First off, I considered using the full backpack and simply stick the additional stuff I was going to build into the notches provided for the Ballute, then considered just simply cutting and using the connector on the back pack and build on that.

I decided to ditch the entire thing and simply build a new connector. To make it easier for me, I built this …

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part III

Lightning update:

After the extending the upper arms, there was something about the forearms that kept bugging me (never mind the bright background lighting):

It looked too short for comfort. This is the kind of escalation I was trying to avoid (like how the Itch with the Chimera build) since again, I didn't want to do unplanned modifications, but to no avail. I was actually thinking about it while I was posting part II, but brushed it aside, till I could no longer.

Then again, the modification for this is about the same one I did for the ankle joint and rather simple. In this case however, I drilled the hole at the center off the ball along the its axis first, then cut the entire peg at the base. This pre-aligns the extension beam.

Then used the same encapsulation method I did earlier. In this case however, I was using a 2mm round beam and a pipe with a 3mm inner diameter (the same type I used with the upper arm). To compensate for the difference, I cut thin…

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part II

Wrapped Around. For the abdomen armor extension, I did a modification similar to what I've done with the Bathala.

I drilled four 2mm holes, one at each "corner" at the bottom of the abdomen armor, where I each inserted 2mm/1.3cm long round beams. These will serve as "posts" for the base of the extension. I made the base by aligning holes through a piece of 1mm WHIPS, and followed the shape of the armor's base when I cut it, allowing a little leeway for corrections. I cemented the base onto another piece of WHIPS, and it served as the "catch" of the posts.

I then cut an apt-width piece of WHIP and wrapped it around the extension posts, aligning it with the base and the lower edge of the armor.

At Arm's Reach. I avoided having to extend the arms mainly because, as you can see in the picture, there were "nothing" for me to work on how to extend it because of how small the pieces are relative to their connection points…

"HARIBON" MG RMS 108 Marasai vMatX Part I

Haribon. A monicker given to the Philippine Eagle. It literally means "King of Birds," and much rightly so because the Philippine Eagle is said to be the 3rd largest Eagle in the world.  The Haribon is also what will become of the Marasai after modifications. I chose the Marasai as the Haribon's base mainly because its head somewhat resembles a raptor's (at least in my mind's eye, but the power of suggestion is quite, er, powerful, as others have begun seeing what I see. I also chose the Marasai, because it is one of the Zaku-based grunt units I actually liked immediately when I first saw it. I was disappointed with at first, because its frame was also made of PS instead of the usual ABS, but as I was assembling it, the frame seemed and felt like dense polycap (PE) material, was too easy to cut and scratch, especially with a brand new cutter (the old one's spring finally gave way, aside from the fact that it has become dull in 2 years). It beh…