Saturday, July 28, 2012

The GBWC Philippines Regional Final "Twist"

It's on.  And the deadline's a month earlier than in previous years.  Last year was huge, with a lot of heavily modified entries making it into the mix.
click on the picture to reveal the twist

But, there's a new twist in the rules.  Aside from bringing the box to provide authentication, the manual must also be provided, PLUS, and here's where it can get hairy, kits used as entries MUST be bought from Toys R Us, with receipts.

Okay.  Nothing wrong with that on the marketing perspective since Toys R Us are basically forcing people to purchase kits so people can enter, but, like myself, there are a lot of people who start their entries early, hence have already bought kits.  I doubt this is a drive to prevent bootlegs from making it into the pool, since no one in his right mind would enter a bootleg and present an actual Bandai box, unless of course, he is really that scrupulous a cheap skate and got a box from someone who doesn't even bother painting his kit (someone <anonymous> admitted doing this in a attempt to post a comment on my blog.  The guys was so dumb, he didn't even know I screen and block anonymous comments).

Simply put, unless I get a huge project that will allow me to purchase another The O at TRU (I was planning to, but, for modification purposes), I won't be entering anything this year.  If this was announced way earlier, it wouldn't have been an issue for me.

Oh well.  A lot of people would probably get FGs and HGUCs just to be able to enter (as I might do), but, that <might> significantly reduce the number of viable competitive entries in the mix.

I'll continue working on the O (I actually have an update soon), and would probably consider getting a cheap kit from TRU much later.

Note:  I stress I'm not complaining (I hardly am) because I have to buy an overpriced kit from TRU, but rather, this was announced rather late in the game.  I predict either a significant reduction of entries, or quality of workmanship, or both. 


  1. I predict a rain of rants on Bankee's mailbox because of this fuss... but lets not hope for the worse.. they might change the rules if they were rained with negativity because of this..

    we can only hope for now

  2. agree...the TRU receipt should have been announced earlier. i think there will be significant decrease of entries this year. will not also join this year...-Emonem


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