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1/20 FSB: RMX-000X Raptor X Part 3

Pondering Pegs Provide Plentiful Positioning Possibilities
Though I said I would be working on the Shin Armor as per my last update, I realized couldn't really start on it until I've done the rest of the leg and foot, since armor placement would be largely dependent on the internal frame's final shape. I also had a 3-day class, and that didn't give me much time to work on the leg until last Friday, being that I am actually designing this as I go. Regardless, I've prepped the secondary frame (that holds the rear part of the intermediary joint and the ankle and shin pistons to the leg frame) by adding pegs to it so it can mount easily to the main frame with corresponding holes, similar to what I've done with the thigh. Though I've made the peg connections for these two very snug, the external armor will still serve as their interlock.

I didn't have enough time to do a full step-by-step WIP for these next bits, but these are basically simil…

1/20 FSB: RMX-000X Raptor X Part 2

The Poetry of Symmetry
Since I've decided not to enter this to HLJ's Sci-Fi competition (though I might enter another kit if the itch doesn't go away), I'm no longer pressured to do a pair of everything that needs it. The parts I am making are for both the left and right leg, so I can basically skip making another set for the other side. Regardless, I take note of every part I make that has symmetry involved, just in case I have enough time left to make a complete set.

One way for me to keep a running total of parts is to make a basic template, and use that to make duplicates by double-taping the template to a piece of HIPS, cutting it, taping that, cutting it, and so on, until I have enough. These will be the sides of the thigh armor.

Cut Clean.  Build Clean.

I'm exclusively using 1.0mm HIPS now since it's softer and easier to work with than the 2.0mm, for the armor at least.  My shaped plates/slabs are 2.0mm thick, so I had to make eight 1.0m…

1/20 FSB: RMX-000X Raptor X

This is what I'm currently working on:  The 1/20 Fully Scratch-Built RMX-00X Raptor X Hybrid.  RMX stands for Rapid Maneuver Transformable, and I'm committed to finish this in the next two months or until June.

I was suppose to start this project last December, but that month was rather rough on me, that I couldn't really work on anything.  This has been a difficult one to conceptualize. I was supposed to SB someone else's design, but Alex (the ToyCollector/Innokitz) and I agreed it would be best if it was mine own.

The main idea is a rather agile scout/recon/sniper mech, and the idea developed as Alex and I were chatting about it last December. I decided to make it a transformable hybrid mech. The transformation will be a very simple fold-up, with the legs swinging forward and the arms backward. The lower arms will have melee blades that become wings during flight.

In flight mode, the Raptor will resemble a Vic Viper, an idea that solidified when I saw…