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MAC is Making Waves

Just a little over a year old and MAC has grown much, mainly with top name and highly-skilled modelers in our ranks.  And in 2012, when everyone else (who believes in that crap) would be preparing for the end of the world, MAC will have the biggest and baddest online Mecha Competition to date.

Rules and Regulations v1.0:
1. EVERY entry must be submitted with a photo demonstrating the kit was started after January 1st 2012. Use the "ENTRY PASS POSTER" available here.  Please note that no other forum logos must be present in any of the photos to qualify.

2. Contest will run until July 1st & you can enter more than one kit.

3. Any MECH style kit is allowed (if unsure please pm me or sneeper1980) example: Zoids, Ma.K, Gundam, Robotech, Super Robot Wars, FSS, etc.

4. RESIN kits & RESIN conversion kits are accepted

5. Kits that are UNCHANGED (physically) Such as Modifications or Physical Damage but are solo painted belong in the "OOB PAINTED" Category.
-Custom p…

The End?

It's actually another first, another beginning, another big leap from the year-old Sun.  Watch out for it...

Something Crimson This Way Comes...