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Launch Imminent!


The only thing constant is Change...

I've simplified my watermark to something I've been using since college.  This is also my email signature, regardless of who I am communicating with.  The older one is fine, but it's time for a "small" change.

My band's album launch is a week away, and we kind of updated the back cover to a more appropriate image that features two of my passions (photography, is of course, another).

The kit of course, is an MG Exia with modified GN Folding Blades from my two Astraeas.  This is a preview of the 00 Infinity Gundam IX-Sword System.  The Electric Guitar is Lisa, and I found her in a thrift shop.  I was actually testing another guitar when the salesperson moved her into view, and never let her go thereafter.

MG Turn X Gundam ver MatX WIP Part IX

June's going to be a very hectic month for me, as I have a couple of classes, a whole day seminar, my former boss urging me to work for her again, a couple of "real" projects and not to mention our album launch, so, I'm trying to get as much Gunpla time as I can. (My build off with Falldog will have to wait a while, but, I already have a few ideas on what to do with my The O).

Anyways, more challenges unfold as I go further into this build. Simple as it may look (like a Star Trek saucer with a shark's fin stuck on it), the Turn X's shoulder armor proved nevertheless a difficult build. I thought I would have been able to do this with simple plaplate bending magic (if it were JUST a customization), but, I realized that won't do because this is after all going to be cast for reproduction considering the overall shape of the part and how I'll connect it to the arm. Also, instead of constructing this as a solid, one-piece part, I opted fo…

Random Modifications Part II: The PG 00's "Wings"

When I posted "Random Modifications" here and across the forums, I got a "friendly" challenge from someone at Hobby Fanatics to do this:

Which isn't really hard to do (at least for me).

I simply modified the blue armor parts of the drive wing support to increase its swing range.

I could still make the angle more dramatic later on.  The swing angle is also limited by how the articulation is designed. I didn't want to alter that unless I really have to, since I might damage it inadvertently.

The thing is, owing to how the drives function in season two of the anime, doing that sort of pose is pretty useless.  There's also a scene (or a picture) where the drives are swung completely forward so that the 00 can speed backward, so at this pose, will the drives hold the 00 at a hover, or let it fall dowards fast?  The Exia can execute all sorts of movement regardless of the drive's orientation, so, it's either a plot oversight, or it really do…