MAC Anniversary Wallpaper Design Contest

It's almost a year now, and time indeed flies fast when you're having fun.  Don and I were already talking about this forum in about roughly the same time last year, whether to push through with it or not, whether to defend our honor from the assault of the F5 bandits, or whether to simply let them freaks self-destruct. 

As history went, its only a few months more and MAC Forums will turn 1.  Last night we decided that instead of having a full-blown mechaWIPcreation competition, we'll keep it simple and just have a relaxing MAC Wallpaper and Banner Design contest that will run until June.

We know most are either busy with work, school group build and BMKWC (why the heck did they make it so darn complicated when BAKUC was so much easier to type and pronounce?) entries and whatever it is people do with their free time.  Gundam Guy was gracious enough to supply a very nice RG Aile Strike Gundam as a prize.

Click to enlarge
So, what are you waiting for?  Head on now to MAC Forums, register if you haven't yet, and post your stuff.  Show us what you can do and get a chance to win!


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