Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Note:  I edited my previous Turn X update, removed the random stuff, and placed it instead here.


I bought a couple of Vallejo Paints.  I was trying to get the eyedropper type, but it seems one prolific Energizer Bunny who also recommended it beat me to the lot I needed (red, black, and gold).  I will try those paints soon for a hand-painting project.

I also got a Dafa art knife at National Bookstoire, not that I really needed one, but, this will be used primarily as a needlepoint scriber so I can keep my two pin vises on permanent drilling duties.  It has an aluminum shaft and a brass head and I do believe the Bunny has one too.

Posted Image Posted Image

The nifty thing about this little tool is it has a blunt end that can be used as a scoring tip, for flattening "lips" that occur after cutting, and to score fold lines for easier bending without "wounding" the plastic.  I might get another one for goo measure.

On a separate trip to Joli's, I got a couple 9"X12" each of 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm HIPS (funny how they measure the thickness in metric and cut them in English).  Lo and behold, I chanced upon WHITE 1.0's.  As it turned out HIPS actually mean High Impact Polystyrene Sheets (not plastic, but that's besides the point because they're indeed plastic still).  I also got a couple each of various diameter pipes at PhP15 each, and in my sojourn to a gig a couple of week ago, I got a pack of 3mm Tamiya square beams.  Them Tamiya beams are now sold at PhP250, which is PhP 52 more expensive since the Japan incident.

But, these two deserve the limelight.

Hence, the title...


  1. Shriek! That is THE 'O'! That is a massive kit. Great choice!

  2. Each are for two "special" projects I'll be working on...

  3. how much is that balloon stick?... 52?

  4. It's PhP15 each, regardless of diameter. I edited my post.


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