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The X Walker Part VIII

I know I said previously that I'll be working on the weapons, but I may have to bring that out in the next update. I'd like to thank Kamm for giving me those Warhammer references for the shin guards. As it is, it's scratch-building time once again.

I had to change the shin guard mounts to accommodate the simpler shin guard reference Kamm gave.

Using larger pieces of HIPS trimmings, I roughly cut a shape (half of the actual shin guard) using one of the Warhammer pics as reference. Then used that as the template to create a whole one by reflecting the shape on its edge.

The X Walker Part VII

Another quick update:

High Impact Plastic Sheets (HIPS) as they are called, are also polystyrene sheets similar if not the same as branded plaplates like Tamiya, but are a bit softer and actually easier to shape and work with. Tamiya plaplates although sturdy and stiff, actually breaks easier when bent along the grain, whereas HIPS of the same thickness can bend farther without breaking even when bent along the grain. It also has less tensile strength or spring and is less likely to counter its bent shape, hence easier to form as a curved surface.

Since I'm still avoiding putty at this point, I had to bend the slab two ways; perpendicularly at first, then at an angle corresponding to the curve of the section I'm building to.

This particular section covers the side that encases the vulcan gun.

Up next, the weapons. Will finish this within the week, and hopefully paint it on the weekend.

The X Walker Part VI

Another Quickie:

Strangely enough, I've actually gotten more work done while "wasting" my time at our new found Skype Chat addiction.

I've had another dilemma earlier on how to connect the thigh to the groin polycap swivel, but after a few musings (which in foresight, was probably why I bulked up the thigh to begin with), I realized I had no other choice but to make another insert "lock." I've encased the thigh in strategically shaped HIPS, and these in turn became the slot for the polycap swivel (red) I customized earlier.

I'll Blog About It...

So, what do MAC modelers do aside from mangling plastic?

We video conference via Skype, complete with exchanging tips and tricks and cuss remarks in various languages.  It started informally a couple of days ago whenMan-Love-HungryKammstarted the Skype thread at MAC, and all of a sudden, we were all spending our time, free or otherwise, on Skype.

DC23 and I have always envisioned MAC as more than just an International Gunpla Community.  The conferencing idea actually started about a month ago when Kamm lamented that since he was in England, he wouldn't be able to see our ugly mugs in the MAC meet last January 29.  I kinda suggested we could video the Meet, and post it online, and Kamm and the other international members can also post their video reactions.

Little did we know that Kamm initiating that thread would spark this ongoing conference that allowed us to see and hear each other.  Kriz was frustrated at first because his mic won't work, and he "nicked" his mom&#…

The X Walker Part V

A very quick update:

Progress is a bit slow since I'm still avoiding having to use putty for this build, but I've managed to add volume to the main body. I also used a section of a Kotobukiya weapon set I got a long time ago which I've not found a use for until now. I believe DC23 has the same weapon set, since he used the rifle for his Kampfer.

First layer of HIPS.

Second layer.

I kinda like how the HIPS overlays form eyes, so I might exploit that when I do the final layering.

That's it for now.

The X Walker Part IV

Just a quick update.

With plenty of surplus parts still in my bin, I had plenty of options on how the X-Walker's main body would look. I'm sure I won't be able to use all of these, considering they are all mismatched parts that won't really fit what is on my mind.

More Sticky Stuff...

I bought a 15mL bottle of acetone to do further testing and comparison. Judging by the smells, I can now conclude that the similarities of acetone. reducer and cement ends there. The don't even smell the same when smelled simultaneously or one after another. Cement has a mild ketone/ethyl alcohol scent, followed by the reducer, with the acetone as most potent in vapor fume. Acetone also evaporates rather quick, cooling skin as it does. Extra Thin and the reducer evaporates slightly slower, but does not cool the skin.

This time around, I cut several pieces of red ABS runners from the PG Astray and soaked them in reducer (left) and acetone (right). Note that I've prepared the acetone soak a full 10 minutes earlier than the reducer.

The X Walker Part III

Major Update (well, kind of)!

I was stumped on how to do the upper main body of the X-Walker, though I do have a preliminary design in the works (and cemented). Not wanting it to look too much like ED-209, I scrounged for more scrap parts in my bin for the groin.hip assembly. I have plenty of polycaps from the PG Astray, as well as a few parts from my Strike Freedom EBM. With a few pieces of 1.5mm HIPS, I made this.

The resulting design has a 3-point articulation on either side, allowing the X-Walker to raise its body a bit without extending its legs, pivot its body up and down, and the swivel allows for human-like leg pivoting for faster turns.

The groin mount is a dual-end polycap sandwiched between customized holders, which in turn interlocks with the front-end of the groin. The hole on the top is the mount for the main body fo a 270ยบ swivel.

Using more surplus parts from my Astray, I removed the ball joints from the end of the upper thighs, made a few cuts here …

Sticky Stuff...

I've upgraded this former part of myConcept Mecha X-Walker build into a full-blown tip/tutorial.

I discovered a very nice and CHEAPER alternative to Extra Thin Cement, courtesy of new friends from IPMS Manila. I've been wanting to try this stuff for months, but, I still had a couple of bottles of extra thin, so I delayed getting it until I ran out, which was during the Concept Mecha build.

It's called Hudson Polyurethane Reducer. As it is, Tamiya Cement, or any branded plastic cement for that matter, contains "synthetic resin" and "Organic Styrene Solvent." Tamiya cement smells much like clear nail polish or acetone, and some people do use nail polish as an alternative to cement. The PU reducer smells much like acetone and has a stronger scent than cement, so I suppose acetone is the "Organic Styrene Solvent" component of cement. I've tried it on this build and I'm satisfied with the results so far. At 133…

My Top 10 Favorite Mobile Suits

I'm not really planning to make any top 10 list, though I did start a blog named the X-List a while back but that's an entirely different story.  I first posted this at MAC Forum, and owing that I'm still a tad slow on the updates, I'll just put this filler for the meantime.

1.  The Sinanju - this monster, as the lore has it, was based on the Sazabi's frame.  For me, it's quite an improvement from the Saz, with all the right curves on the right places, a very balanced contrast of smooth curves and pointy edges, and a balanced overall weight to width to height ratio.  Lore-wise, it's the meaner brother of the Unicorn (which I actually didn't like up until recently when I made the Chimera) in terms of development since both were developed and created by Anaheim.  Full-Frontal, as it turns out, specifically directed the development of the Unicorn for him to have a worthy opponent.

The MG construction itself is sturdy, and looks good as it is out of the box…

The X Walker Part II

Just a quick update:

As luck goes, I had classes from Tuesday to Thursday, at the same time my month-long pending projects got green lighted, and then some. I also had a job interview, which I had to reschedule because I was so exhausted after my class, leaving me with no time for plastics. I only got to work on this Friday night, and my lunchtime rendezvous got canceled as well because I had to rush something.

Anyways, I was able to finish most of the basic leg construction.

I've built "ankle locks" using using plaplates and HIPS from my scrap pile, and so far I still have to work on a few kinks of the design. This is the second design since the first one failed miserably. I'm limited by the small space I have to work on with regards to connecting the toe part to the main feet assembly, and I might have to cement the swivels permanently to keep its integrity and for me to be able to simplify the assembly.

The 1.5mm HIPS is actually rather sturdy and…