Guess What?

As I finalize the Scarlet JinX's weapons, and contemplate what to do next with the 00 Qan[T], I revisited one of my older builds and rethought the design.  It's a bit of a "secret," so I won't be posting a full progress WIP.  Those familiar with my work a couple of years back might have an idea what this is about.

Round Beams.  Tamiya round plastic beams come in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm diameters and are perfect for most peg, coring repair work, extension fixes and custom-built joints and hinges.  For this particular part of the project I am working on, 3mm would be too thin and would break easily, and 5mm would be too thick, and I do avoid drilling too big a hole in most cases as they become loose faster than smaller ones owing to the nature of plastics especially PS.

I was able to procure 5mm and 4mm plastic tubes from Joli's (a local art shop located at Espana near UST) as well as a few other stuff.  I've "modified" the 4mm tube by inserting then cementing a shaft of 3mm round beam to produce a 4mm solid beam.

This will then become the hinge part for this mystery build.

These curved buggers are plaplate sandwiches, and will act as skeletons to what I am planning to make.

More later...


  1. hmm.. is the the tieren zhizhu?


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