Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gundam Qan [T] MatX Pseudo Version Part VII

Feet update.  Took a while to finish the other foot, but this one gave me a chance to show how I "Rippered" the Exia's foot to fit the mods and make it similar to the 00's foot.

Well, not really a step by step process, but, you get the idea.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gundam Qan [T] MatX Pseudo Version Part VI

The Rear Skirt Armor mod.  This is a rather another straightforward mod of the rear skirt.  I used the Exia's stock skirt, did some "plastic" surgery so to speak to simulate the Q's skirt based on the line art.  I maintained some features of the Exia's skirt and added a bit of detailing not in the lineart.  I used multiple pieces of plaplates to build up the modification laterally.  This method is easier for extending or bulking up parts that are static or otherwise do not have mobility issues.

And These Came in the Mail

Rather, I had these sent to my school since I was on an off-site training.  Bosny Philippines has once again graciously sent me free...